When you think of “Pueblo,” what comes to mind—a city in Colorado? A town or village? A distinctly Santa Fean architectural style? Unfortunately, our Pueblo history and impact is widely unknown outside Pueblo communities.

For us at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Pueblo is identity. It’s who we are. A people of the past, present, and future who have existed throughout time, survived, and thrived by building a culture and community utilizing the resources of the land to cultivate crops and build homes to sustain our way of life. This Giving Season, help us to share our Pueblo story by raising much-needed funding to support the ongoing development of our Indigenous Wisdom: Centuries of Pueblo Impact in New Mexico curriculum project. DONATE NOW >>

With the coming of the conquistadors to the Southwest in the 16th century, our Pueblo story was forever changed, and throughout time under changing flags (Spanish, Mexican, United States of America, Confederate States of America, and United States of America again) our people, communities, and culture have endured threats to our very existence. Wars, drought, diseases, and government policies meant to eradicate our existence have eliminated entire Pueblo nations. For the 19 Pueblos that remain across 10,000 square miles in rural western, northern, and central New Mexico, we are 75,000 strong, and continue to face historical trauma, stereotypes, and misconceptions.

Our story is one not commonly taught in the New Mexico school system, in a state where one in five people are of Native heritage, and part of that untold narrative. To address this, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, working alongside a dedicated core team of educators (CDT) and with a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, collaborated with nearly two dozen Pueblo educators from New Mexico’s 19 pueblos to develop over 120 lessons written to the Common Core and New Mexico Standards and Benchmarks for grades K through 12 in subject areas from language arts and history to math and science. Indigenous Wisdom: Centuries of Pueblo Impact in New Mexico was first presented to the public at the end of 2016, and is now available free of charge to teachers across New Mexico who want to incorporate our Pueblo story into their classrooms.

But this isn’t the end! Now we need your help to write the next chapter. Join us as a champion for education, and help us teach our Pueblo story, raising much-needed funds to:

  • Provide teach-the-teacher trainings
    • Professional development focused on 23 of New Mexico’s 89 school districts with over 50% Native American student population
    • Cultural sensitivity training to support teachers in understanding culture
  • Build a dedicated website for Indigenous Wisdom: Centuries of Pueblo Impact in New Mexico centered on providing teachers access to download specific lesson plans, and provide both teachers and students with add-on video content, activity sheets, and recommended booklists

Will you raise your hand in shaping our children’s future?

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