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Archives Collection & Policies

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Archives collectively has a small collection of materials in the following areas historical postcards, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, maps, federal documents, and ephemera.

Majority of the archive collections are unprocessed; thus, many materials may be inaccessible and with duplication restrictions. Researchers are required to contact the Library & Archives.

Accessing archive materials is made by appointment only. Appointments must be made at least two weeks in advance.

Researchers are required to fill out an Archival Research Application. Please email application to the Librarian/Archivist at

The Library reserves the right to restrict access to archive materials based on the condition of the material and restrictions directed by donors, Pueblo communities.

  • Please call prior to your appointment to allow adequate time for materials to be retrieved and examined.
  • Researchers must comply with all Library Policies. Food, drinks, and use of cells phones are prohibited in the library.
  • Pencil, notebook, and/or laptop are allowed. Pen use is prohibited. All personal belongings, such as coats, purses, backpack, fanny packs, and briefcases are to be placed in lockers by the entrance of the library. Locks are available at the reference desk.
  • Gloves are required to be worn in the handling of archival materials, such as photographs, photo negatives, slides, illustrations, rare books, and fragile materials.
  • Researchers are allowed 2 boxes and are permitted to use one box and one folder at a time. Documents must be kept in order to which you access them.
  • Duplication of archival materials by use of cell phones is not permitted. All archival materials require special permission and are evaluated by a case-by-case basis. Please see Reference Desk.
  • Special Access/Rare books must be returned to the reference desk. DO NOT place them on the re-shelf cart.

Due to several circumstances, such as legal concerns and lack of equipment, the IPCC Library & Archive is unable to duplicate the following archival materials and are subject for viewing only:

  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Manuscripts

The Library & Archives works closely with donors in the donation of unpublished materials. Donors wishing to donate materials to the IPCC Archive should contact the Library & Archives.

All materials must fall in the collection scope identified under the Selection Criteria for Libraries and Archives. (See Library Link) Donors will be asked to sign a deed of gift, a legal document that legally transfers ownership and legal rights to the IPCC Library & Archives. Sensitive materials may often be found within collection, which the Archivist will work with donors to discuss the possibility of restricting part of the collection.

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