Visiting With Children

We’ve put together a few guidelines about how to most enjoy visiting the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center with your children. There is much to inspire children here and with these few quick tips we hope you’ll have a fun and memorable visit. View Our Family Friendly Itinerary (Coming Soon)

Grandma’s Kitchen

In Pueblo communities, “Grandma's Kitchen” is at the center of family life. It is the place where we share meals and pass on traditions to our children through stories and conversation. At the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Grandma’s Kitchen is the family activity center inside our museum. Here you’ll find handouts with interactive lessons and coloring activities for your children. Grandma’s Kitchen is also home to a reading corner, with fun books and stories about the Three Sisters, corn, beans and squash.

Family Friendly Itinerary

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a fun and inspiring place to visit with your family. Enjoy our suggested self-guided itinerary that includes kid-friendly activities to inspire your family while getting to know a little bit more about Pueblo people and our history, culture and core values. View Our Family Friendly Itinerary (Coming Soon)
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