Exploring HERitage Exhibit at IPCC

Exploring HERitage

Get inspired by the local, tribal, and global contributions of the Pueblo women featured in our HERitage exhibit.

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Matriarchs at the Heart of Pueblo Families IPCC Blog

Matriarchs at the Heart of Pueblo Families

IPCC curator Rachel Moore (Hopi) provides a heartfelt look at the important roles of matriarchs in Pueblo societies.

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Yuck Pie Recipe from Pueblo Harvest Chef at IPCC

As Sweet as Mom: Recipes from a Pueblo Kitchen

Our Sous Chef shares recipes from her personal kitchen at Santa Ana Pueblo for you to delight the mothers in your life this Mother’s Day (or any day!).

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Inspiring Opportunities

We’re always exploring new ways to serve Pueblo communities, and be a valuable resource for the wider community, too. Find out about our makerspace.

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Culture, Cartoons, and Catharsis

There’s an old adage that says laughter is the best medicine. Laughter certainly can be medicinal—making our spirits lighter, and sloughing off some of the weight that accumulates on our proverbial shoulders. Cartoonist Ricardo Caté of Santo Domingo Pueblo has the gift to find the humor in almost any situation.

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Pueblo Nations book by Joe Sando

Recommended Reading

Many people are finding themselves with extra time on their hands these days, and are using that time to broaden their knowledge and skill sets. Enrich your worldview with recommended reading from our Pueblo Book Club...

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Archival Photo of IPCC coming soon sign

The Past, Present, and Future of IPCC

Take a look at the inspiring history of IPCC spanning more than half a century, from its founding to the milestones that paved the way to the present day and lead us into the future.

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Kids, Art, and Culture

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center founded the Native American Student Art Show in 1979 to encourage Native youth to learn a craft and develop their own creativity, recognizing that the future preservation and evolution of our culture lies with today’s children. The young artists of NASAS have the choice of

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Resilience Gardent at IPCC

Cultivate, Grow, Thrive: Resilience Garden

Earth Day week is the perfect time to talk about the Resilience Garden, our outdoor living exhibit with hands-on learning opportunities. Cultivate your knowledge. Grow your skills. Connect with nature...

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reLocated Exhibit at IPCC

Unpacking reLocated

Take a detailed look at the subject of one of our current rotating exhibits, the federal relocation program. The controversial initiative is still widely debated today.

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