Seasons of Growth Learning Series

Cultivate your knowledge. Grow your skills. Reap rewards for the whole community by joining us in 2017 for our first-ever Seasons of Growth learning series in the IPCC Resilience Garden!

On the second Sunday of every month from March through October, 2017, participants will experience hands-on learning guided by IPCC Cultural Education staff and expert guests. Enjoy a different theme each month as we follow the Earth’s natural cycles according to Pueblo tradition.

  • Learn the principles of Pueblo agriculture
  • Handle heirloom seeds and indigenous crops
  • Help develop the IPCC’s Resilience Garden for all to enjoy
  • Take home seeds and starter plants for your own garden

Space is limited! Reserve your spot in advance by emailing
Come often! Those who attend at least three classes will be invited to join in a farm-to-table meal when we harvest the fruits of our labor come fall.

2017 Curriculum

March 12: Preparation and Cleansing

Learn about the basics of composting and amending soil. We will discuss cold-weather vegetables and plant seeds indoors.

April 9: Traditional Pueblo Farming Methods

A short presentation about traditional farming methods will cover waffle gardens, the mound/flooding technique, and the modern rows. Participants will create a waffle garden area, form a flooding area, start seedlings, and prepare for transplanting.

May 14: Planting and Transplanting Indoor Seedlings

We’ll discuss the ideas of planting and transplanting, namely that it’s a blessing to be able to plant seed and grow our own food. Participants will work the soil and plant seedlings.

June 11: Caring for Your Plants with Daniel Martinez of Red Willow Farm

Looking specifically at certain vegetables, trees, and shrubs, we’ll examine the needs of each plant and what we can do to help it thrive. We’ll start scanning the garden for vegetables that are ready to harvest and plant herbs.

July 9: Selecting Seeds for Saving or Eating

We’ll discuss how to select plants and vegetables by observing their color, taste, and texture.

August 13: The Importance of Seed-Saving

We’ll examine the origin of corn and how it has changed throughout history, then look closely at different types of contemporary seeds from heirloom to Monsanto. Lastly, we’ll discuss ways to share seeds with our community and spread knowledge of seed-saving.

September 10: Food Preservation with Tiana Suazo of Taos Pueblo

We’ll learn how to save fresh foods for the winter months through a canning workshop led by Tiana Suazo from Taos Pueblo. Participants will pick, clean, and cut their own green beans, radishes, and other veggies to can.

October 15: From Farm to Table with Lee-Ann Hill from the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

For those who have been to at least 3 classes: Lee-Ann Hill will lead this hands-on seed-saving workshop, covering a variety of methods. Then we’ll harvest fresh squash, lettuce, chard, tomatoes, and berries, to cook and enjoy the fruits of our labor!