2020 Seasons of Growth Learning Series

Cultivate your knowledge. Grow your skills. Reap rewards for the whole community by joining us in 2019 for our annual Seasons of Growth learning series in the IPCC Resilience Garden!

On the third Sunday of every month from March through October, 2020 (except for June and September on the 4th Sunday), participants will experience hands-on learning guided by IPCC Cultural Education staff and expert guests. Enjoy a different theme each month as we follow the Earth’s natural cycles according to Pueblo tradition.

  • Learn the principles of Pueblo agriculture
  • Handle heirloom seeds and indigenous crops
  • Help develop the IPCC’s Resilience Garden for all to enjoy
  • Take home seeds and starter plants for your own garden

Space is limited! Reserve your spot in advance by emailing learn@indianpueblo.org.
Come often! Those who attend at least three classes will be invited to join in a farm-to-table meal when we harvest the fruits of our labor come fall.

Find upcoming occurrences in our events calendar!


2020 Class Schedule (Third Sunday of Every Month except for June and September are the 4th Sunday, 9:00 AM-11:00 AM):


Sunday, March 15 – Seed Sharing and Reciprocity

Kick off the 2020 growing season at our Seasons of Growth gatherings in our Resilience Garden. In this intro to Pueblo agriculture, participants will learn about Pueblo agricultural techniques throughout history, watch a presentation from a Pueblo farmer, and learn how to check whether or not seeds are fertile. Suggested Donation: $5. Space is limited! Reserve your spot in advance by emailing learn@indianpueblo.org.


Sunday, April 19 – TBD

Earth Day Event: Film Screening $5.00 per person, Seasons of Growth Participants will receive 20% off ticket price.


Sunday, May 17 – The Story of Corn

This presentation chronicles the origins of corn in Mexico, and its spread to the Pueblo Tribes in the Southwest, and throughout North America. We will focus on a few early settlements and agricultural practices, as well as the role and increasing importance of corn to Pueblo communities in that time period. Corn is known for its versatility, so we will also highlight some modern uses of this prevalent grain.

Sunday, June 28 – Conservation of Ancient Heirloom Varieties: Pollen protection & Seed Saving

Presenter: Dr. Paul Polechla
CNM Horticulture Instructor, IPCC Volunteer

Workshop participants will learn about the traditional and contemporary ways to prevent cross-pollination and hybridation when growing the old heirloom varieties of Pueblo and other Native American communities. Participants will have a hands-on opportunity to apply mesh bags on blooms on self-pollinated flowers (such as chile, tomato, tomatillo, and eggplant, etc.) and to recover seeds from the from fruits of the previous growing season.

Sunday, July 19 – “Salsa Making: Garden to Garnish”

Presenter: Dr. Paul Polechla
CNM Horticulture Instructor, IPCC Volunteer

In this workshop participants will learn how to harvest, wash, watch a demonstration on how to slice and dice tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, and garlic to make tasty New Mexico sauce. Participants will learn the time-honored technique of roasting, peeling and chopping chilis for addition to salsa. Participants will get to sample their salsa and dip them with traditional blue corn chips!


Sunday, August 16 – Sustainability

Workshop: re-using vegetable scraps for dying materials. Participants will engage in garden activities.


Sunday, September 27 – Respect- Drying Methods-

Participants will learn hands on native tea tying methods. Learn how to properly harvest Native tea to preserve the plant. Participants will get to sample hot or cold Native tea and take home a few Native Tea bundles.


Sunday, October 18 – Garden-To-Table Brunch