Native American Student Art Show

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center founded the Native American Student Art Show (NASAS) in 1979 to encourage Native youth to learn a craft and develop their own creativity, recognizing that the future preservation and evolution of our Culture lies with today’s children.

These young artists have the choice of making their works available for sale during the show, with 100 percent of each purchase going directly to the young artist. Cash prizes and sales of their artwork will help encourage our youth to remain connected to our culture while opening doors to future sources of income as they continue to explore and hone their artistic skills.

Every student artist whose work is displayed will receive a certificate of participation, and the IPCC will award cash prizes in the following categories: Mixed Media, Drawing/Painting, Jewelry, Three-Dimensional, and Best in Show.

This year’s theme, Continuing My Culture, was selected to complement our Indigenous Wisdom curriculum as well as the exhibition Ours: The Zia Sun. It is vital to continue our Pueblo culture by passing down traditional knowledge to the next generations and by celebrating our Pueblo identity. Our youth are our future and this year we invite students to think critically about their role and responsibility in the survival of our culture.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center would like to invite Native American students to join us in recognizing the importance of their cultural identity through this year’s Annual Native American Student Art Show, Continuing My Culture. Our identity is rooted in traditions, such as arts, crafts, food, and history. Our ancestors have passed this heritage on to us, and it has lasted through years of colonization and appropriation. Our way of life is a testament to the resilience and importance of our identity. This year we invite you to think about your cultural identity and how you will continue it for future generations. Submission accepted through October 20th Download Entry Form Packets >