Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Our permanent exhibit, Our Land, Our Culture, Our Story, features a brief historical overview of the Pueblo world, and a contemporary exhibit featuring original artwork and craftsmanship of each of the 19 Pueblos of today.  Beginning with the Emergence stories of the Pueblos, visitors are led through a brief history and background of what now comprise the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico.  Each time period is exhibited with relevant material objects from our permanent collection, and supplemented by objects on loan from other institutions.

The contemporary arts and crafts section features a sizeable and noteworthy collection of artists from each of the 19 Pueblos.  Each window displays the particular art forms characteristic to each of the 19 Pueblos.  We are currently in the process of renovating our contemporary arts and crafts section.

The mini-theatre located near our permanent exhibit features short films about the life and art forms of two distinguished Pueblo women.  One is titled, Maria:  Native American Pottery Maker of San Ildefonso, and is about Maria Martinez, renowned potter from the Pueblo of San Ildefonso.  The other film is titled, Pablita Velarde: An Artist and Her People, and features Velarde, a Santa Clara painter.  We will keep you posted for any special Our Land, Our Culture, Our Storyscreenings held here at the IPCC mini-theatre.

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