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Tesuque Pueblo
  English Pronunciation: "Teh-sue-key"
Traditional Name: TET-SUGEH
I-25 north to Santa Fe, 84/285 north of Santa Fe 9 miles. There is a sign on the highway.
505-983-2667 or 505-455-2467
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Tesuque PuebloThe Tesuque Pueblo, just north of the city of Santa Fe, is one of the most traditional of all of the Tewa speaking Pueblos, despite having been in contact with outside cultures throughout much of its history.

Archaeologist have determined that the Pueblo existed before 1200 A.D.  Although Tesuque is one of the smallest Pueblos, it had great reverence for its traditional religious ceremonies and stubbornly resisted all efforts by the Spanish and other invaders to change them.

The Tesuque people played an important role in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  Two of its members were inter-tribal messengers  and spread news of the uprising throughout the territory. 

The first casualties were Tesuque.  When the revolt was put down and the Pueblos again came under the control of the Spanish, and later, the Anglo-Americans, the Tesuque people continued to maintain their ancient ceremonies in spite of the pressures of alien cultures.

Farming comprises the primary activity of the Tesuque men, while women produce a great deal of brightly colored pottery based upon traditional designs.  Beautifully modeled figurines, decorated with lively designs, are the specialty of several artists and are regarded as collectable items by many knowledgeable lovers of Pueblo art.

The most popular Tesuque dances which are open to the public are held in the winter.

In November they perform the Harvest dances and in December, the Deer and Buffalo Dances, which are known for the excellence of the costumes and the authenticity of the execution of the dances and rituals.

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